I’m a Kingston Ontario based freelancer, specializing in design for the web. My background is in the arts and non-profit sector, and I’ve been making websites since 2009. I’m available for website design and front-end development, digital content creation and curation, graphic layouts for print, proofreading, editing, research and writing. You can download my resume here or connect with me via Linkedin, and I’m always available by e-mail.

Work Experience



  • Intro to Conceptual Photography
  • Dynamic Web Art & Design, PHP
  • Illustration Essentials
  • Advanced Web Art and Design, CSS and Javascript Frameworks
  • Web Design Update: HTML5 & CSS3
  • Contemporary Theories of Art and Culture
  • Museums and New Media Practice
  • Collections Management
  • Museums and Public History
  • Fundamentals in Museum Planning and Management
  • Museums and Their Publics
  • History of Museums in Canada
  • Research Methods
  • Exhibition Projects
  • Academic French
  • Introduction to Film Studies
  • Documentary Film
  • Forms & Conventions in Film
  • Topics in Canadian Cinema
  • Topics in Cinema & Gender
  • Gender, Sexuality & Literature
  • Women's Studies in Gender & Diversity
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind
  • Introduction to Environmental Ethics
  • History of Ethics
  • Philosophy of Art
  • History of Methods of Art
  • Art & Society: Renaissance to the Present
  • Greek & Roman Art & Architecture
  • Survey of Roman Civilization
  • French Impressionism
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Issues in Popular Music
  • Canadian Musical Heritage
  • Topics in Audiovisual Culture
  • Topics in Cultural Studies
  • Psychological Diversity
  • Introduction to Buddhism
  • Media & Technology
  • Computer Music Techniques
  • Computer Music Projects
  • Computer Applications
  • Portfolio in New Media
  • Practicum in Music
Kristie Taylor-Muise