Animal/Plant Care

Since childhood I have been in love with nature. I am available to take care of your plants or animals in the Kingston area on a short-term basis.

At my home we have a cat, and I have experience taking care of dogs, rabbits, rodents, and fish as well. I care deeply about animal welfare and have devoted time to working with friends at an organization called Animal Charity Evaluators, which devotes itself to helping animals in the most effective ways possible. I would gladly visit and care for your animals if you need to be out of town. I don’t have experience caring for chickens, but I would be delighted to learn more and care for your chickens to help me understand if they’d be a good fit for my family.

My home and garden are also filled with a variety of healthy plants. I have a green thumb and would happily maintain or care for your indoor or outdoor plants in any season. Please contact me by e-mail to talk more about your animals or plants.

potted tropical plant.