I work with artists, architects, academics, non-profits, and local small businesses to communicate clearly on the web.

Please contact me by e-mail to view examples of my recent work.

I began creating websites after completing my Master’s degree and travelling with my partner who is an academic. We moved to Glasgow, Scotland in 2009 and I had difficulty finding work as a recent graduate in a new country. I decided to teach myself HTML and CSS and began to experiment. After exploring Scotland and travelling around Europe for a year we returned to Toronto, where I worked for non-profit arts organizations and for an artist, while creating websites on the side.

In 2012 I decided to work from home as a full time freelancer. Alongside my project work I sought some formal education in Website Design and attended a Continuing Education program at the Ontario College of Art and Design between 2012 and 2014 (with two of my courses taking place online).

In 2013 my partner and I moved to Melbourne, Australia where I continued to work on projects for artists, architects, and small businesses in Canada. I completed my OCAD Certificate, and kept taking online courses in design, accessibility, usability, and Wordpress alongside my project work.

In 2016 we moved to Somerville, Massachusetts. Until I was granted a permit to work in the US, I volunteered for a charity called Animal Charity Evaluators, assisting with the redesign of their website. Later, I became the Web Developer for the charity, and continued my freelance projects until my daughter was born in 2017. I took three years away from my work to be with her and explore all the parks in Somerville.

Just ahead of the COVID 19 pandemic we relocated to Kingaton, Ontario to set down roots and join the community. While that was mostly paused I reorganized my website and continued to update my skills, while picking up freelance projects.

If you feel my expertise matches your project requirements, please contact me by e-mail to talk more about how I can help. You can also take a closer look at my credentials and experience.

cat on a computer desk.